Youth Ministry Vision

Our hope is that every student will experience the love of Jesus through a loving, welcoming, environment and interactions with positive adult role models.

We also hope that every student will fall in love with Jesus. Christianity is not about a prayer, or beliefs, it's about relationship. The more we experience the love of God, the more we love Him back.

We will desire to share the Good News of Jesus with others in loving, tasteful ways. This is expressed in our obedience, service and compassion to our world.

Youth Ministry Values

As we love Jesus together, here are some things that are important to us:

  • God's Word
    We believe in the centrality of God's Word.
  • Fun
    Church should be a fun place.
  • Respect
    We respect each other.
  • Intergenerational
    It's important for students to have relationships with adults in the church.
  • Community
    Students need relationships with each other.
  • Experience
    We learn best by doing.
  • Discipleship
    We need to follow God in every area of our life.
  • Acceptance
    Jesus accepts all, and so should we.