Is there a security policy?
We want you to feel confident that your child is in a safe, secure environment while you are in service. We are committed to ensuring that every staff and volunteer team member completes an in depth screening process before working with the children. This includes a background check, reference checks and an interview with the children’s pastor.

In order to keep our children’s wing secure, we have a children’s ministry staff person present in the hall each Sunday. All classrooms have windows to the hallway and for the safety of children and teachers the hall monitor routinely checks classrooms to see if any assistance is needed.

Who cares for the children in the classrooms?
Our Children’s Ministry has dedicated teachers who are faithful in showing the love of Christ and are committed to teaching God's truth. These servants are pre-screened with an interview, required to undergo a national criminal background check, and are trained before being allowed to serve in this ministry.

How does the children’s ministry handle allergies and other chronic health conditions?
If your child has any allergies or special conditions, please explain them to the staff member leading your child's class.

My child has special needs. May I still bring him/her to the nursery?
River Ridge Covenant Church is committed to caring for children with special needs as long as volunteers can keep all of the children safe and comfortable. Please inform a staff person that your child has special needs and discuss with the class teachers any special instructions for caring for child. Please attend class with your child for several weeks in order to become acquainted with the classroom environment. During this time, please help the staff and volunteers understand any routines and practices that will help your child get the most out of their class. We welcome and rely on suggestions for how we can best serve your family.

What happens to my child if the fire alarm goes off?
If the fire alarm sounds while parents are in the service, they must follow the evacuation instructions out of the children’s wing. Parents flooding the childcare area will cause congestion and prevent the children from being able to safely evacuate the building.
  • All volunteers/teachers/supervisors are aware of the plan to follow in case of an emergency. The supervisor will be responsible for getting everyone out of the building and helping people to follow the evacuation plans in their designated areas.
  • Accounting for children: Teachers will have attendance sheets with them. Teachers and children will evacuate to the back parking lot near the community garden. Parents can pick up their children there.