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Here’s an attempt to describe us and what we consider important. We are …

Intergenerational – You’ll see children, youth and adults connecting and helping in a variety of ways. Each Sunday there is a special “Komments for Kids” as part of our worship service related to the theme of the morning. Following that, an excellent children’s ministry is offered – but not required – for age four through fifth grade. Students in sixth through twelfth grade join the full congregation for worship. Of course, we also have a team of friendly and capable nursery and toddler volunteers, all of whom have current background checks.

Authentic – We strive to create an atmosphere of informal and joyful reverence. We don’t have a killer band wearing the latest fashions; our music is led by devoted volunteers who help us sing current worship songs as well as a favorite hymn or two. We enjoy laughing and praying and singing. You won’t find any perfect people around here, and you don’t have to dress up or be careful to say all the right things. In other words, you can relax and be yourself.

Relevant and compassionate – Our morning messages are biblical and practical. Our pastor creates a sense of dialogue as he speaks, so you feel like you’re having a conversation. We work hard to pay attention to things that matter to God; yet our appreciation for freedom in Christ means that we allow for differing Biblical interpretation on secondary matters.

Serving – Jesus said “I am among you as one who serves”, so we place a high value on service – both within our congregation and in the community. We also believe that the Holy Spirit does not take gender into consideration when he distributes spiritual gifts to his children, so women and men serve side by side in all facets of the congregation. Check out our Serve page for ideas of ways you can get involved.

Relational – We think that the words Independent and Christian are oxymorons – they don’t go together!  Our congregation is intimately connected to other believers – locally, regionally, and globally. We're glad to be a participating congregation in the Evangelical Covenant Church, an association of churches both in the US and around the world.